What Is Scalloped Tongue in Chinese Medicine?

http://www.amazon.com/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=scallopedgreencheek-20&linkId=HPWPBUY3EHIJCMURAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, the tongue is considered to be a “mirror” of the internal state of the body, including the health of organs. Once you understand the importance of how the tongue is pleated, you can better understand what you can do to bring health back.

Tongue Casserole

According to traditional Chinese medicine, scalloped tongue means that a deficiency of qi and yang in the body. Qi (pronounced “chi”) and yang are responsible for the smooth and orderly traffic as well as holding the organ in good shape.

Scalloped tongue or teeth marked tongue, is swollen tongue that feels surrounding the teeth of the lower jaw. You can try to smooth the appearance of the hand. However, when inserted into the oral cavity, the tongue continues to appear scalloped minutes later due to swelling body pushes on the tooth surface. If the tongue is not swollen or bulging body, but still has teeth marks, it is a physical problem of distribution of the teeth themselves.

If there is a deficiency of qi and yang, the tongue can not firmly hold its proper shape, and increasingly weakens. The weak tongue then relaxes to the bulging shape and does not have enough energy to avoid pressed to the teeth, resulting in teeth marks. Furthermore, swelling of the tongue as well as due to excess moisture accumulated in the body.

Excess moisture in the TCM is water retention. The TCM spleen represents the overall function of the gastrointestinal tract. Digestion is the transport and transformation. If the spleen qi deficiency has its own, you can not properly convert food and liquids we eat into energy, which results in the accumulation of excess fluid. Therefore, the tongue casserole is often seen as a marked swelling and teeth at the same time.

Symptoms associated with swollen tongue shells include: fatigue and heaviness, excess body weight, loose stool, food sensitivity, anemia, ulcers, nervous indigestion and pain in the upper abdomen.

How The Tongue Reflects on Your Health

If an appointment with a local doctor of traditional Chinese, or acupuncture, the first thing you will be asked a patient is “sticking out her tongue.” Why? Before you even have a chance to complain about health problems to the doctor, he / she already has a strong idea of what the real problem is your health.

How is he / she doing? This means that the tongue is the only internal organ that can be shown on the outside. It can be used to diagnose the health of the internal, because the tongue and all the organs are connected. Your true health is on the inside, and if it is a chronic internal problem, it will eventually be revealed on out.

Your health as a whole

So now that you know that you have a “wet” within you, as well as a general lack of Qi, what should I do? If you do not plan to go see acupuncture or Chinese herbalist in the near future, it is not something you can do to bring health back in shape. Qi deficiency is the lack of the total energy.

Or has worked physically or mentally, or both. Relax, do not worry too much, do one thing at a time, and sleep early. Do not eat when you are stressed out, driving, talking on the phone, read or watch TV. Regarding the diet, avoiding foods that can lead to greater moisture or water retention.

This means a reduction in sweet foods such as refined carbohydrates, such as bread and flour, dairy products, eggs, cold drinks, salt, excess fats and oils and concentrated sweeteners. More fibrous vegetables such as celery and cabbage, lean meat, whole grains, seaweed, vinegar, tea and bitter herbs like pau d’arco-and chamomile.

After trying the suggestion, you will notice that your tongue will be smoother appearance. Teeth-marks should decrease, and your body will flatter your tongue. There will also be an increase in energy levels, weight loss, increased focus and lack of feeling of heaviness. The digestion will also be better, such that the stool will be well formed and not bulk.

Prevention is the key to the disease. If qi deficiency and chronic moisture, it will lead to serious problems zdrowotnych.Język casserole that you have now is simply an indication that the body is trying to tell you to give it a rest. Stay tuned for more articles on many other forms of tongue, including the tongue, yellow, red tongue cracked tongue, tongue, covered with white, purple tongue tongue, and even a black tongue. Yes, almost every person’s disease is one form or another! So slow down, take a deep breath, take care of your body and eat properly recover vitality.