Scalloped Tongue – Treatment Symptoms and Causes

Scalloped tongue refers to the edge of the teeth marks, and is also known as Indian tongue.

It is usually caused by big fat tongue or a margin of compression caused by the teeth. The tongue is an anomaly, which has a lot of guidance for clinical diagnosis and treatment significance. It’s easily identified by a scalloped appearance, and are subject (such as food, medicine, etc.) to be affected by external factors.

Scalloped Tongue Causes

Chinese medicine believes the tongue is tightly tied to spleen health. Enlarged tongue is caused by Yang Qi, or when the spleen cannot exude moisture. So scalloped tongue is caused by mainly spleen dampness. If pale and moist, it is alpine dampness; pink and scalloped, mostly spleen qi deficiency.

Scalloped tongue, or big fat tongue is caused by oppression of the tooth edge; the scalloped tongue so often associated with big fat tongue, or spleen dryness deficiency. If the tongue is pale and moist, the spleen suffers from dampness.

More often the spleen can not be shipped wet, so wet tongue and resistance to big fat tongue are formed by extrusion dentition associated with fat and tender tongue – on the one hand because of the tongue body edema, or the yang of the spleen and dampness, on the other hand due to the tongue muscle relaxation, mouth shortage, and spleen qi deficiency.

Clinical studies found that there are a lot of people scalloped tongue have the absence of disease, but they were in a healthy state, so the Chinese medicine says Qi (wet weight) is not sick weight, but the state of the body’s blood being imbalanced, which Western medicine often mistakes as disease-free, but in Chinese medicine is considered unhealthy.

Other Causes of Scalloped Tongue

Epidemiological studies of Gray scalloped tongue in 318 cases closely followed scalloped patient’s diet, living habits, symptoms, conducted a survey and found a low incidence of this anomaly in those who like to eat salty foods.

Often tea drinkers in Japan have a tendency to be scalloped tongue prone. The symptoms associated with Qi and lassitude, spontaneous, anorexia and other significant differences were not there, but rather symptoms of indigestion like belching, stomach heaviness, and bowel discomfort. Thus, the relationship with scalloped tongue Qi Deficiency Syndrome is not clear, but the relationship with the dampness of scalloped tongue should be studied more closely.


Clinical manifestations of scalloped tongue are:

– Pale moist teeth marks, or alpine dampness;

– Pink and scalloped, which signifies qi deficiency;

– Mouthful of red and swollen, scalloped edges, mostly hot and humid phlegm Yongzhi;

Short and yang qi deficiency can be divided into two types:

⑴ Deficiency: On the tongue, thin white fur, fat and tender tongue, tongue scalloped edges, indistinct white or pale yellow atrophy, shortness of breath, slurred speech, top-heavy body swelling, malaise, fatigue, spontaneous , eating less, bloating after eating, Yu Tu Pan evil, loose stools diarrhea, and weak pulse.

A Therapeutic cure for this is Buzhongyiqi tea.

⑵ Yang type: Tan White tongue, tongue moist and more fluid, or the tongue water slide, big fat tongue round tender, with scalloped edges. Pale or Qinghei, lassitude, fatigue hi lying, pale mouth thirst, anorexia, belly Leng Tong, Wen Fang Shu , stomach cold, clear urine, eye swelling, and Micro pulse.

A therapeutic cure for this is Wenbu Yang Xin tea.

Scalloped Tongue Treatment

In terms of diet, if the scalloped tongue is pale, in the choice of food, you can choose vegetables like barley, yams, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and other food to eat. Try not to eat raw fruits and cold drinks, because it will damage the spleen Yang, resulting in heavier wet.

Also take into account whether liver discomfort is present. If yes, then you have an excess of qi. Reorganize the liver through the use of roses, soaked in water drunk as a tea, can be a miracle cure. Roses ration the role of qi in the blood, but remember not to use them during pregnancy.

You can use Atractylodes, Chinese yam, lotus seeds and meat , etc., to regulate the spleen. Leeks can wick spleen moisture away, such as when you can put a cooking barley, and barley regulates the role of wet very Well. Some friends like to cook barley and rice half and half, the result of which eliminated thick and greasy tongue within two weeks.

You can properly use some safflower, angelica root, Salvia blood circulation, such as drugs, to start bleeding more easily than usual, and so more easy to promote the smooth flow of blood.

However, make sure the blood circulation of the drug is not more than you can handle. You should be under the guidance of a doctor to use a local, so that it more secure.

Scalloped Tongue in Cancer Patients

Domestic scholars relationship with scalloped tongue syndrome reported much. The 77 cases Zhang Qi Deficiency Syndrome patients with organs Qi and partial victory by triple burner into cardiopulmonary Qi deficiency group, spleen qi deficiency group, kidney virtual groups.

Observations show that: Qi Deficiency Syndrome characteristics mean the tongue is fat, and have scalloped, about 23 more than the patient’s qi deficiency, the center Qi Deficiency Syndrome accounted 5.65% and 10.0%, respectively, compared with control group not only have a high degree of statistical significance, but also higher than the stomach, kidney deficiency by. Qian investigating 25 cases of patients with scalloped tongue, to a maximum of qi deficiency syndrome, a total of 285 cases.

Scalloped tongue disease research and clinical studies indicate that scalloped tongue be found in a variety of diseases. and other control observation of 168 cases of gastric cancer patients and 200 healthy people of the tongue, scalloped tongue results of gastric cancer accounted for 23.2%, compared with the healthy population significantly different. Xu Equal to 326 cases of tongue cancer patients analyzed, the number of cases found in the tongue and teeth marks were big fat is high, and the higher the tongue in the order of lung, stomach, esophagus, cardiac, liver, breast, cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, colorectal cancer.

The Anti-Cancer Association in 19 cancer patients found that big fat tongue, thin tongue, scalloped tongue  showed that, of cancer patients with big fat tongue, scalloped tongue patients were in the majority.

Chen Weimin and other surveys 204 cases of chronic gastritis patients and found pale tongue with teeth marks to merge ulcers were more common, accounting for 43.48% of different cases of upper gastrointestinal diseases were analyzed with 300 cases found in inflammatory lesions in the superficial – atrophic gastritis and atrophic gastritis and pale pale tongue with scalloped tongue were 414%, 36 7%, while the superficial gastritis and pale pale tongue with scalloped tongue was 22.2%, are more significant differences between the two (P <0 01).

In peptic ulcer disease , and duodenal ulcer with pale pale and scalloped for more than 6.8%. EMERGENCY IN on 137 cases of aplastic anemia patients with clinical observations suggest that the tongue, big fat tongue aplastic anemia patients (16.79%), scalloped tongue (29.93%) was significantly higher [15]. In addition, 01 cases of hypertension patients tongue scalloped edges were observed, the results of the incidence of hypertension group scalloped up to 42.29%, compared with the control group (20.5%) were significantly different (P <0.001). This and some foreign scholars believe scalloped tongue seems to be more common in hypotension contradictions, need further verification.

In a Survey of 425 cases of patients, the follow groups were found more at risk of scalloped tongue disease:

⑴ Those with lower the pH of body fluids, such as renal tubular acidosis , kidney stones;

⑵ renal dysfunction, sodium retention, such as renal transplantation, renal disease, systemic lupus erythematosus , he caused the water such as kidney stones can also affect kidney function;

⑶ make globulin immune dysfunction diseases, such as renal transplantation, systemic lupus erythematosus, thyroid disease glomerular disease, liver disease, heart disease, pericardial and pleural disease;

⑷ anemia diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy and postpartum, gynecological diseases;

⑸ immune function disorders, such as leukemia, cancer, etc.

Japanese scholars Muramatsu Mu believes scalloped tongue were mainly chronic gastritis , diabetes, hypotension, hay fever , chronic hepatitis , knee edema, menopausal disorders such as so-called adult chronic disease.

Scalloped Tongue and Microcirculation

Microcirculation research money, such as heart and other mushroom-shaped tongue and the tongue papillae count microcirculation studied scalloped depressions and protruding tongue area blood supply and nutrition, and to compare with the normal pink tongue found scalloped tongue microcirculation changes in the following areas: ⑴ blood disorder.

Mushroom-shaped tongues reduce microvascular plexus, capillary artery vein arm slender arm ratio, especially in the performance of these two scalloped tongue protrusion is more apparent. Alien amount representing an increase of microvascular plexus normal. ⑵ local hypoxia and undernutrition.

Number of mushroom-shaped nipple tongue blood for a positive correlation between the number of scalloped tongue fungiform papillae lower than normal. ⑶ tissue edema.

Tongue microcirculation capillary tube visible inside the loop fuzzy tongue papillae and oozing, hemodialysis ultrafiltration (dehydration) after the pipe loop clearer, leakage reduction, so the tongue is a capillary tube loops oozing fat causes great scalloped tongue of one of [3].

Pathological Symptoms of Scalloped Tongue

Pathological microscopy and electron microscopy methods isolated chunks of scalloped tongue protrusions, the recess and the performance of normal tissue and cell morphology of the tongue side. This found that the main pathological symptoms of scalloped tongue are:

⑴ thinning of the cortex. In normal tongue epithelium thickest, followed by the recess, the projection of the thinnest, which may be related to the local nutritional status;

⑵ change within the rough endoplasmic reticulum. In the basal and prickle cell layer, rough endoplasmic reticulum reduction, expansion, loss of ribosomes, these manifestations suggestive of rough endoplasmic reticulum protein dysfunction is one of the manifestations of cell damage;

⑶ wire tension reduction. Scalloped tongue reduce tension wire, prickle cell and basal cell gap increases, was sparse mesh-like, finger-like papillae desmosomes reduction, indicating a bad connection scalloped tongue cells;

⑷ cell tissue edema. Mainly caused by lack of nutrition partial increase cell membrane permeability, water liquid spill blood vessels penetrate cells. On the other hand, poor lymphatic drainage, can not take away excess moisture;

⑸ lack of elastic fibers. Lack of traction of the fibers caused by reduced tolerance effect, it is made by serrated teeth oppressed.

Scalloped tongue fungiform papillae significantly increased compared with normal diameter, due to the inherent level of water inside the tissue fluid retention. Microcirculation microscope with a deficiency in patients with uremia same tongue found the same microcirculation Hemodialysis, 125 cases of pre-dialysis patients with scalloped tongue were 108 cases much fat, fat and scalloped tongue slightly reduce the extent of dialysis.