Is Scalloped Tongue Caused By TMJ?

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue, and in the world of dentistry, there is an opinion that tongue influences the position of teeth. Bad setting of teeth is the result of bad positioning of tongue and bad setting of teeth gives rise to many structural and psychological issues.

Restricted airway, lack of nose breathing (upper airway obstruction) contributes to collapsed dentition, and adds to abnormal tongue swallow patterns furthering abnormal teeth eruption development which then leads to abnormal masticatory jaw function and abnormal head posture…leads to abnormal TMJ/condyle positioning and development.

The tongue is a big part of the bite-TMJ picture, a crucial one. It is also connecting the whole digestive tract to the occlusion. Do you also feel a “ball stuck in your throat”, or maybe a “few knives” there?  This could be a symptom of TMJ/scalloped tongue.

Symptoms of Scalloped Tongue/TMJ

Numbing of tongue is common for TMDs and a lot (A LOT) of other serious (life threating) issues; unfortunately, suffering from TMD doesn’t exclude other diseases, expecially with age progression.

They might be TMD issues as they might be signs and symptoms of other health issues. It is a wise behaviour to do medical and dental exams.  

Treatment For Scalloped Tongue Related to TMJ

Try to rest, relax, yes meditate (see my descriptions in earlier posts) and try to align your posture. Especially if you possibly got into a FHP (forward head position). IMO, it’s from the throat muscles which easily contract from any stress. But you have to find your comfortable jaw position as well.

Symptoms come from the neck not being in normal alignment, leg issues come from lower back spine issues but both come from the TMJ’s being out of place — . It’s ALL connected and with the occlusion as well. Basically, the throat issues like the ones you described can start just from contracting the jaws too much (from stress), not necessarily from smth in occlusion. This is why try relaxing it all to its more “normal length” first!