Is a Scalloped Tongue Caused by Bruxism?

Q: So i have a scalloped tongue and i was wondering what i could do to get my tongue healthy looking again. I read somewhere that having a scalloped tongue meant that i wasn’t eating right or getting enough sleep. What causes one to develop a scalloped tongue? Is bruxism a significant factor?

Answer: A scalloped tongue is often a sign that the person might be grinding or clenching their teeth at night. Ask your dentist if other signs of bruxism, like enamel cracking, yellowed teeth, abnormal bone growth, or gum pain are present. 

You can have a mouthguard custom made, that you wear to bed. This helps to protect the wear of your teeth, and helps minimize the effects on the jaw.

What Causes Scalloped Tongue

A scalloped tongue is nothing to be concerned about. However, someone with a large tongue, or habits that cause scalloping should really reconsider oral piercings. Do you push your tongue against your teeth when you swallow? 

Oral jewelry sometimes makes us relearn to swallow, overdevelops/ unevenly changes muscles resulting in changes that, over time, can cause changes to your appearance or require orthodontic work (braces) to repair. the dental community is split over how much damage these piercings can do. 

If your tongue isn’t swollen, then you’re pressing it against your teeth or biting down on the edge of your tongue constantly. 

If you can’t consciously make yourself stop doing that, then talk to a doctor or dentist or someone familiar with things like tooth grinding and other symptoms of stress that might screw up your teeth or tongue. If your tongue is actually swollen, then ask a doc about that instead.