Does Anxiety Cause Scalloped Tongue?

Q: Is scalloped tongue caused by anxiety? I’ve been suffering from anxiety for a while and recently found that my tongue had take the shape of the surrounding teeth because this was unusual to me as my tongue has never done this i wonder if it is a byproduct of my anxiety or if i really have something.  I think I’m anxious in general lately which is biasing me towards a panicked reaction, so if I work on my general mood maybe I won’t be so quick to have these psychosomatic issues.

Answer: Individuals who are under a lot of stress or suffer from a form of an anxiety disorder may have the habit of oppressing their teeth and in turn hurting the tongue.

While some medical conditions can cause this — the tongue is nothing more than a muscle. Anxiety often creates extreme muscle tension, over time with constant anxiety we take on habits of constantly contracting our muscles which creates back aches, stiffness in various places, and can even cause your tongue to do what it is doing from jaw tension, to literally stressing/tensing it.

Regardless it is a good ‘clue’ and should be presented to the doctor as a ‘sign’ that is odd to you, see what is mentioned first about it from the doctor which will likely not be much.. then bring up your anxiety and see what you can do to treat it.

Basically, you should get your brain focused on something besides your tongue in order for your tongue goes back to truly being a muscle that is subconscious.

Interestingly, soreness of the tongue also results from an unbalanced diet. Finally, problems with spleen are also known to produce the amplified tongue effect.

What Your Tongue Says About Your Mental Health

When your tongue is on the bigger side and it rests against the tooth surfaces, it reflects both mental and physical unhealthiness.  The best time to observe the tongue is upon waking, but really anytime is fine.

The tongue can be a harbinger of toxins and when there are high levels of toxins in the body the tongue will start to swell and enlarge and will push against the sides of the teeth. Anxious, nervous behavior can cause “scalloped” tongue grooves as well.

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  1. Eddie Van Halen

    Wow i have tongue pain for over a decade because of that and mostly of doctors dont know that, odontolohist, psychiatrics, etc, you name it. I ve obsessed with that problem and searching info by internet and isnt really much. But your explanation is godlike! Hope you can view my reply

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